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What if you had a personal coach to help you with your homework?

TestMagic's Homework Boost gives you access to friendly, supportive experts who help you get your homework done and get it right. Get more homework done, learn better, and raise or maintain your GPA

TestMagic Homework Boost Helps You:

Increase or maintain a high GPA. Whether you are trying to raise your GPA, or maintain a high GPA, we help you decrease the stress of your homework workload.

Boost your confidence in your regular classes. The nurturing, supportive environment at TestMagic builds your confidence a little bit each day. Increased confidence will open new doors of opportunity to you.

Learn more, learn faster. Homework Boost is like having a private tutor to help you with your homework. Our expert staff includes graduates of UC Berkeley, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and university professors. Their broad knowledge and skill helps you break through barriers and learn faster and better.

Stay motivated while you learn. We coach you every step of the way. We are friendly and encouraging to all students, and we help you get excited and stay excited about learning!

How It Works

Students choose either two or three-hour Homework Boost sessions, either three or four times per week. Students arrive after school and bring their homework with them.

We provide enough staff and teachers to help all Homework Boost students. Teachers circulate around from student to student, helping each student with their homework. Our teachers are knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects including science and math.

Our goal is for Homework Boost students to go home with no more homework for the night. If students complete their homework early, we provide supplementary reading and writing assignments so that students make the best use of any extra time.


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The TestMagic Difference

  • Stay motivated while you learn

    Our friendly, nurturing staff help you feel at home. We help you get excited about learning, about the knowledge you already have, and the success that will come your way as a result of the work you are doing now.

  • Learn more, learn faster

    We have staff with a wide variety of areas of expertise, including graduates of UC Berkeley, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and university professors. Our staff can always help with English and Math, and many teachers also have a strong science background, including biology, chemistry, and physics. Learn more about our staff »

  • Our students impress us. Every day.

    Our students are remarkably busy, accomplishing amazing things. We accommodate busy schedules with after-school, summer, weekend, and online courses. Find a course that fits your schedule »

  • Supportive yet challenging

    "At TestMagic, the teachers teach, not lecture. Witty jokes and personalized attention make class feel like spending three hours with a friend—who happens to be incredibly knowledgeable."

    — Shirley X. 2210 on official SAT in 10th grade (300-point increase)

  • Affordable. Invaluable.

    Our hourly rate is lower than that of the national competitors.* But what you —and your parents— want to know is whether the cost is worth it, and what exactly you are getting for your money. You are getting dedicated time —lots of it— with passionate, experienced staff who will motivate and coach you to get the score you want.

    * Kaplan, Princeton Review