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Your College Application is Important. You Don't Have to do it Alone!

TestMagic's Admissions Support helps you navigate the college admissions process. We help you create a college application that will jump off the page, tell your unique story, and put your best academic foot forward.

You've got one chance to get your college applications right. Our experience with thousands of college applications will help you write a better application with less stress and effort!

TestMagic Admissions Support Helps You:

Craft an outstanding college application that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Develop interesting ideas for your application essay. We use storytelling techniques to help you craft an interesting essay, which will be more memorable and influential.

Avoid the stress of doing it alone. We've helped write hundreds of admissions, while you may be facing this task for the first time. You don't have to do it alone! Our expert help gives you a leg up in organizing, writing, and polishing your application.

Avoid making embarrasing mistakes that can harm your chances of getting in. Our editing, re-writing, and proofreading process will help you make sure there are no mistakes in your essay. This shows colleges that you have the attention to detail necessary to excel.

How Admissions Support Works

We meet with you to gather all the information needed for your college application. We'll learn about your background and any unique experiences and activities that you can use to craft a unique essay.

Then, we help you come up with several ideas for your admission essay. The essay is your chance to break out of the box and set yourself apart from other applicants. In other words, it's really important!

We help you craft a compelling essay in your voice. Even if you are an outstanding student, crafting an essay with a strong narrative is really challenging! We help you write an essay that sounds like you but has a strong storytelling element that makes it enjoyable to read.

We don't stop after the first draft! We work with you to edit, re-write, and proofread your essay so that it's as close to perfect as it can be. This extra level of attention to detail is just one of the many ways we help you craft a winning college application.


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    * Kaplan, Princeton Review