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Adjectives: What you need to know!


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quick, happy, fast, timely, funny, friendly, pretty, red, blue, white, yellow, big, little


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an adjective is:

a word that modifies (or describes) a noun

adjectives are OPTIONAL in a sentence--in other words, they are not necessary in the sentence, so we can use none in our sentence, or we can use a million of them!!

Be careful!!

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Many adjectives look like adverbs because they end in -ly. For example, if we look at this sentence:

The friendly teacher helped me a lot.

and we try to figure out what part of speech friendly is, we might say that it is an adverb, because it ends in -ly. However, friendly is in fact an adjective.

-ly Adjectives

Here are some -ly adjectives that you might see on the TOEFL or other tests:

costly, neighborly, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly

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