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Conjunctions: What you need to know!!


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A conjunction is a word that we use between other things that are the same in terms of grammar.

Let's look at some examples:

Gary and Susan study together.

In this sentence, and is a conjunction; we are using it to join two nouns, Gary and Susan.

Gary and Susan study and work together.

In this sentence, we are using and to join to verbs, study and work.


This trick will help you to remember the most common conjunctions:


F: for
: and
N: nor
B: but
O: or
Y: yet
S: so

Many teachers and schools teach you the FANBOYS trick (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) but TestMagic students know that for is a subordinating conjunction, not a coordinating conjuction.

The most common conjunctions are:

These are the most common conjunctions in the order of how common they are:

  1. and
  2. or
  3. but
  4. so
  5. yet
  6. nor

Here are some other conjunctions you need to know:

The conjunctions are special in that they are two or more words together that function as conjunctions. These are the ones that will appear on ETS and other tests a lot:

  • not only... but also...
  • not... but...
  • either... or...
  • neither... nor...
  • as well as
  • more... than...
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