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This is probably the most basic rule for English. Actually, if you can read this page, then you probably already understand what a sentence is.

No worries, though. TestMagic will explain the stuff you already know. Who knows? Maybe you can learn something!!

Be sure to take a look at phrases to compare the difference between sentences and phrases.


Remember this--a sentence is:

subject + verb + (object or complement)


In each sentence below, the sentences look like this.

  • I like English.
  • I bought a car.
  • Most people sleep every day.
  • Time and money are two important things for most people.

Okay, you must already know that these examples are sentences. Before you close this page, take a look at the next examples that are NOT sentences.

What you need to know for your test:

In English, if we don't have a subject, or a verb, then we don't have a sentence. In many other languages, we sometimes omit the verb, or we sometimes omit the subject. We simply CANNOT do this in English.

For example, in some languages, we can say:



My brother happy today.My brother is happy today.
I just met your sister. Is a very nice person.I just met your sister. She is a very nice person.

But English doesn't allow such constructions.

The only possible exception would be the command form in English, which doesn't require a subject:

Come here! Sit down! Have some coffee.

The traditional explanation for this construction is that the you is understood.

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